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July 27, 2018

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Dog Stem Cell Therapy (Brookfield IL 60513, Lyons, Riverside)

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Dog Stem Cell Therapy by Dr. Hosek, Merrick Animal Hospital

Hi, I’m Dr. Jim Hosek at Merrick Animal Hospital in Brookfield IL. Today I’d like to talk to you about a relatively new procedure available for pets called stem cell therapy.

Dog Stem Cell Therapy by Dr. Hosek, Merrick Animal Hospital

We actually use the animal’s own stem cells to help treat several conditions that previously would not respond very well to medications or supplements. There’s two ways we can get the stem cells. One is when a patient’s is having problems, we can harvest fat from their abdomen underneath their skin or sometimes what we’ll do is when the animal is young, when we’re getting spayed or neutered, we’ll get fat at that time and send it off to be banked or frozen for later use.

Dog Stem Cell Therapy treats arthritis and wounds

An animal is at a point where they need stem cells therapy if they’re having very bad arthritis pain. (See also arthritis laser therapy) It can be also used for treating certain chronic conditions in animals. We’ll have the stem cells either unfrozen or processed if we’re doing the procedure right beforehand and that’s done in the lab in California. Within 48 hours, those stem cells from that animal are then shipped back to us. The stem cells are then injected directly into the affected areas. If it’s their joints, we put it into their joints. If it’s a particular other place for helping a wound heal, we’ll stick it into the wound. We’ll sometimes even give intravenous stem cells that help get throughout the body to treat a wide variety of locations if the problem is more widespread.

Dog Stem Cell Therapy treatment can last as long as 2 years

Typically, it takes about 30 days of recovery time for the animals to start showing some improvement. The stem cells are there not to necessarily regrow a cartilage or a bone, but to help deal with the pain and help manage the pain long term. One stem cell treatment can last at least two years in most animals.

Dog Stem Cell Therapy may be an alternative to chronic care

And because the company banks their stem cells, if we do need to retrieve them in the future, it’s just a simple matter of them finding the stem cells and sending us a new batch that we can then treat for the animal. Stem cell therapy can be very expensive. But as an alternative to medications and chronic blood work and supplements, the cost can be quite comparable. And because we’re actually getting at the source of the pain rather than treating the symptoms or masking them, the results can oftentimes be better. Thanks for watching this video.

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Dog Stem Cell Therapy may be an effective alternative to the long-term treatment of arthritis in dogs.

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