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July 27, 2018

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Kitten Cat Shots (Brookfield IL, La Grange, Lyons, Riverside)

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Cat Shots by Dr. Jim Hosek, Merrick Animal Hospital

Hi, I’m Dr. Jim Hosek from Merrick Animal Hospital in Brookfield, Illinois. And this is Hedwig and we’re here today to talk about wellness and preventative healthcare for your cats.

Cat Shots with a Wellness Exam are preventative care.

Preventative care is probably the best way to help keep your pets happy and healthy. We like to see our cats at least once a year, older cats definitely twice a year so we can give them a good check-up and screen for any potential problems. We usually do a full exam when they come in going from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. We look at their teeth to determine if cleaning is needed their eyes, their ears. We palpate their body for any lumps or bumps, listen to their heart and lungs, check their joints. Arthritis can be a big problem in older cats as well as in older dogs. We also keep them up to date on their vaccinations.

Cat Shots (rabies vaccinations) are required by law.

Vaccinating your pets can help prevent several serious diseases, and rabies vaccines are actually required by law. For the cats, we use a special rabies vaccine that’s a recombinant vaccine that helps eliminate the chance of vaccine-associated tumors that were a big problem a few years back. And then we also vaccinate them for what’s called the feline upper respiratory distemper vaccine, which helps protect them against several upper respiratory diseases as well as distemper. We’ll also sometimes recommend for cats that spend time outside or cats that live with cats infected with feline leukemia a feline leukemia booster. There also is a feline kennel cough vaccine available for cats that get boarded frequently.

Cat Shots and parasite preventive needed for outdoor cats

For cats that go outside, we’re also gonna recommend some sort of parasite preventative. The one we like is called revolution. It’s a topical product you put on the back of their neck once a month, and that helps protect them against heartworms, intestinal parasites as well as fleas.

Parasite preventive also needed for cats that live with dogs

Cats that live with dogs are probably good candidates for that type of protection, too, because dogs can bring those parasites into the cats and cause problems for them.

Cat Shots (& Wellness Exam) reduces your veterinary costs

Keeping our cats happy and healthy can add years to their life and also reduce your veterinary cost over the long-term. Another part of our wellness check-ups that we’ll do for the animals is a wellness blood panel. These blood panels help us evaluate the animal’s kidney function, liver function, thyroid levels, blood sugar and blood count. Wellness blood panels, we typically like to do when an animal is healthy, because sometimes we can spot diseases before they become serious.

Cat Shots (& Wellness Exam) catch cat diseases early

But the animals that suddenly show some symptoms such as weight loss, increased appetite/decreased appetite, increased thirst or increased urination, these tests can be very useful in identifying the source of the problem and so we can start treatment early and keep them happy and healthy. Another big thing for wellness care is dental care in cats. About 80% of the cats that we see have some form of dental disease. So teeth cleaning would be an appropriate thing for them to do as well. Thanks for watching this video. We hope to see you soon at Merrick Animal Hospital.

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Cat Rabies Shots are required by law. Cat Wellness Examinations catch cat health problems early. Just like humans, it is better to catch diseases early.

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