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July 27, 2018

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Kitten Cat Declaw (Merrick Animal Hospital, Brookfield IL )

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Kitten Cat Declaw by Dr. Jim Hosek, Merrick Animal Hospital.

Hi. I’m Dr. Jim Hosek at Merrick Animal Hospital, located in Brookfield, Illinois, and I’m here to talk about declawing your cat today. Cat Spay or Cat Neuter has better results for younger cats before undesirable behaviors are established. .

Kitten Cat Declaw helped Hedwig keep his happy home.

This is Hedwig, and he’s been declawed. And the reason he was declawed was that the owners were worried he was hurting their furniture, damaging their furniture, and they had a tough time keeping his nails trimmed. And that’s not an unusual thing. It’s sometimes very difficult to trim a cat’s nails. Cats’ normal behavior is to scratch on things, and what they’re doing is they’re actually marking their territory. Getting a scratching post, or a marking post, is often a good alternative because the cats can mark their territory without damaging your furniture. A scratching post should be put in a place that’s visible. If you hide it someplace, then the cats aren’t going to mark that, because they’re, again, marking their territory. Trimming cats’ nails can be done at home, but if people aren’t able to do that, declawing is a good alternative.

Kitten Cat Declaw may help prevent disease transmission .

Sometimes cats’ claws can get so long that they can actually hurt their owners – jumping off their lap, jumping on them, drawing blood. And it can even transmit some diseases through the scratches. Generally, we recommend declawing cats while they’re still kittens. Three to six months of age is not unusual, but we can do older cats. They do have a little bit longer recovery period.

Kitten Cat Declaw Patients are kept safe and comfortable.

When we declaw cats at Merrick Animal Hospital, we do several things to help make sure that the animals are safe and comfortable. We’ll do a pre-anesthetic exam to make sure that they’re healthy at the time of anesthesia. We’ll do pre-anesthetic blood work to make sure they’ll be able to tolerate the anesthesia okay. And then we do comprehensive pain management. We give them a pain medicine before, we give them a local anesthetic during surgery, and we give them pain medication after surgery, so that they’re comfortable. During the surgical procedure, we monitor our animals very closely. We watch their blood pressure, their EKG, their oxygen levels, their temperature, to make sure that there’s not any problems developing during the anesthesia. And then when they do wake up, they have bandages on their feet for a day. And we keep them overnight one night, and then take the bandages off the next morning. They’re usually ready to go home, happy, and comfortable, and claw-free. Usually we’ll only do the front claws in most cats. The back claws usually don’t grow as fast, get worn down more, and can be a little bit more easily trimmed. But in some cats where the back claws are a problem, we can do all four feet as well.

Kitten Cat Declaw Study By The AVMA Reports No Changes.

A recent study done by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has shown that behavior issues in cats are no different in cats that are declawed than cats that aren’t declawed, especially relating to the litter box. And that’s a concern of some owners. So when declawing is the only option between keeping the cat in a home, we do recommend it. We’re happy to trim your cat’s claws for you too, but that can sometimes get really stressful for them as well. So thanks for watching this video. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at Merrick Animal Hospital. We’d be happy to answer them for you. Thank you.

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Kitten Cat Declaw by Dr. Jim Hosek at Merrick Animal Hospital serving Brookfield, La Grange, La Grange Park, Lyons, and North Riverside

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