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July 27, 2018

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Dog Spay (Brookfield IL 60513, La Grange, Lyons, Riverside)

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Dog Spay by Dr. Wilson, Merrick Animal Hospital

I’m with Merrick Animal Hospital in Brookfield, Illinois. I want to talk to you today about reasons why you would want to spay your dog.

Dog Spay is recommend for 3 very good reasons

The first three reasons would be to reduce any possible future diseases  in life, to reduce behavior abnormalities, and to also help reduce the population. So, as far as future diseases, the two diseases that come mostly to our mind are pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus which can happen throughout their entire life, or the possibility of developing mammary cancer, which can definitely shorten their life in the long run. Some of the behavior abnormalities would be attracting unwanted males coming around the home and the possibility of the spotting throughout the home during her estrus cycle. A good reason to spay your pet is also to reduce the population. This means less animals going into the shelter population but also less unplanned pregnancies.

Dog Spay includes blood work, pain management, monitoring

During the spay procedure here at Merrick Animal Hospital, every animal is treated individually. Their blood pressure is monitored. Their heart rate is monitored along with oxygen and fluid rate. Each animal deserves a different degree of care, and that’s why we tailor to that specific animal. We here at Merrick also believe in a large amount of pain control, pain control before the procedure and pain control after the procedure, so they can wake up free of pain and go home with medication and are free of pain.

Dog Spay is recommended before the your dog’s first heat

The best time to spay your animal is around four to six months before they go through their first heat cycle. Thank you very much for watching.

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Dog Spay (Merrick Animal Hospital Brookfield IL 60513, La Grange, Lyons, Riverside) prevents unwanted puppies and may reduce bad behavior & pet care costs..


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