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July 27, 2018

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Cat Neuter (Brookfield IL, La Grange Park, Lyons, Riverside)

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Cat Neuter by Dr. Jim Hosek, Merrick Animal Hospital

Hi, I’m Doctor Jim Hosek. I’m with Merrick Animal Hospital in Brookfield, Illinois. This is Hedwig, and we’re here to talk about neutering your cat today.

Cat Neuter makes your house smell better

Cats that aren’t neutered can present several problems for pet owners. One, their urine has a very strong smell, especially once they get to be a little bit older. So that can be very annoying in the house, even though they’re going in a litter box, it can make a smell like the urine’s all over the house. Two, those cats tend to be a little bit more aggressive.

Cat Neuter reduces “Tom Cat” chasing and fighting

They want to go outside more. They tend to get in more fights and more likely to get into problems. And then of course, if there’s a female cat in heat anywhere in the neighborhood, they’re going to  want to chase after her.

Cat Neuter works better at an early age

We usually recommend spaying and neutering your pet cats by six months of age. This is before a lot of those problems can develop, and it can help prevent those from going forward. If you are going to declaw your cat, the younger the better.

Cat Neuter includes blood work, pain management, monitoring

At Merrick Animal Hospital, when we have our pets come in for neutering, we want to make sure that they’re comfortable, safe, and pain free. So there are several things that we’ll do. We’ll do a pre-anesthetic exam on all the animals, checking their temperature and heart and lungs, making sure everything’s okay with that. We’ll do pre-anesthetic blood work that checks their liver and kidney function, and blood sugar and blood count. If there’s any problems that might conflict with anesthesia, we won’t do the procedure that day. And then we’re also monitoring the animals during the procedure. So we’re monitoring their heart rate, their blood pressure, their oxygen levels, their body temperature. We also want to make sure that they’re pain free. We do comprehensive pain management, which involves pain medications before, during, and after surgery. Sometimes that might mean a long acting pain medicine we give them right after surgery. Sometimes it might be some pills to send them home. We try and customize our care to each individual pet’s needs. Even though neutering is a routine procedure, none of our patients are routine to us. Yes, you’re doing very good.

Cat Neuter helps you enjoy your male cat more.

So, neutering your pet can not only make them healthier, it can also make them happier, and make them much nicer cats to live with. Neutered cats tend to be more affectionate. They tend to bond more with their owners and tend to be a lot friendlier, especially towards other cats, if you’re going to introduce other cats into the house. If you have any other further questions, please feel free to contact us here at Merrick Animal Hospital and thank you for watching this video

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Cat Neuter (Merrick Animal Hospital Brookfield IL 60513, La Grange, Lyons, Riverside) prevents stinky cat urine and may reduce bad behavior & pet care costs.


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