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July 27, 2018

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Dr. Jim Hosek, DVM, Owner of Merrick Animal Hospital

Driving Directions

Dr. Jim Hosek, DVM, owner of Merrick Animal Hospital

Hi. I’m Dr. Jim Hosek and I’m a veterinarian and the owner here at Merrick Animal Hospital. I grew up near Merrick Animal Hospital in Stickney, Illinois just a few miles away and we brought our pets here when I was a kid. Little did I know that someday I would be owning this practice. I remember coming here when I was in high school and helping to clean out cages and hold animals and being mentored by the veterinarians who work here, and I try and pass that on now mentoring the new vets that are coming into the area. We want to keep Merrick as a locally owned practice, reaching out to the cares and needs of our veterinary clients.

Dr. Jim Hosek went to the University of Illinois

I went to the University of Illinois for undergraduate and veterinary school. I graduated in 1988. I also had the option to do an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, which I enjoyed very much and learned a lot from. I’ve worked at various animal hospitals around the Chicago area. I’ve had my own house call practice as well as doing relief work and finally settling here at Merrick Animal Hospital coming back home.

Dr. Jim Hosek’s first cat was hit by a car and survived

Probably one of the experiences with animals that I remember most is the first cat I ever adopted. It was in my final months of vet school and I was looking to get myself a kitten that I could have as a pet and somebody told me that a cat had been hit by a car and was in the clinic and they were going to put it to sleep unless somebody wanted to claim it. So I went and had a chance to meet Patches for the first time. She looked miserable in the cage, blood all over the place. Her one eye was mashed in. Her toes were broken. Her pelvis was broken. I put my hand in the cage and she just put her nose on it and started purring. So she had me right there. So she was a bit of a do it yourself kit. We fixed her up with the help of an orthopedic surgeon and got her to the point where she turned out to be an awesome pet. Got back the mobility of all her legs. Even though she didn’t have the sight in the one eye, she still got around great and was my best friend for a long time until she ended up dying from a feline immunodeficiency virus infection that she had had at the time I adopted her. I have right now two cats of our own in our family, Hedwig and Sonyonia. My sons named the cats. I’m not taking responsibility for that.

Dr. Jim Hosek free time activities.

In my free time I like to do woodworking, gardening, I do a bit of writing. I also like to spend time on vacation with my family. I like swimming. I like to go to the beach, hang out. I like to play golf, whoop my brother in golf every summer. And I also like to do scuba diving. I’ve done a little bit of that as well.

Dr. Jim Hosek does torn ACL repairs and Stem Cell Therapy

I belong to the AVMA which is the American Veterinary Medical Association. Some of my interests here at the veterinary practice is I like to do orthopedic procedures, particularly cruciate repairs (torn ACL in dogs) . I like to do the stem cell therapy. I like to do dental procedures on animals as well.

Dr. Jim Hosek, the cat whisperer of Brookfield, (Tribune)

I am particularly good at handling cats. I’ve been called the cat whisperer of Brookfield by the Chicago Tribune. Some of the staff gets upset sometimes when I can go in and easily handle a cat, but I think some cats sort of sense that I have a way with them and they respond very well to the way I can handle them.

Dr. Jim Hosek has a great team of specialized veterinarians.

The vets here are all wonderful and we all have our own specialties and things that I recommend about them. So if you have any other questions, you want to come meet us, visit our web page, come give us a call. We’d be happy to talk with you. Even come by for a tour of the clinic. And thank you for watching this video. Bye.

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Dr. Hosek, owner of Merrick Animal Hospital, has been called the cat whisperer of Brookfield by the Chicago Tribune. He also performs cruciate repairs (torn ACL in dogs) and Stem Cell Therapy.


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