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July 27, 2018

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Cat Dog Teeth Cleaning Brookfield La Grange Lyons Riverside

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Cat Dog Teeth Cleaning by Dr. Wilson, Merrick Animal Hospital

Hi, I’m with Merrick Animal Hospital, and today I’m going to talk to you about routine dental care.

Cat Dog Teeth Cleaning is needed by 70% of pets

This is our dental suite, where we take care of our anesthetized patients for dental cleanings. A dental cleaning should be done at least once a year, maybe every two years, depending on if you’re able to brush our pet’s teeth or give us Greenies, give us something that helps minimize the tartar build up on the teeth. Seventy percent of cats and dogs by the age of two years of age already have some degree of dental disease going on. It’s one of our diseases that is prevalent in all of our animals but is rarely talked about and rarely diagnosed.

Cat Dog Teeth Cleaning includes blood work, pain management, monitoring,

So, this is our anesthetic table, where the animals are sitting or laying down during their anesthetic procedure. We have gas anesthetics to help keep the animal under sedation so that we can perform the procedure. If we didn’t do it under sedation, then the animals are very likely to take a bite out of our fingers, and we don’t want any of that to happen. Here is where we monitor the patient, as far as heart rate, blood pressure, getting our fluids, breathing rate, all those different things to make sure the patient is properly anesthetized and is not too far under sedation. Some of the simple tools that we use as far as dental procedures are a dental probe, which actually measures the pocket depth as far as gingivitis is concerned, to make sure it is not too deep. If it is too deep, then we know that there is dental disease happening and possibly the tooth needs to come out. Some of these other tools are used to take out individual teeth and their roots. And some of them are used to sew up some of the gum after we take the teeth out.

Cat Dog Teeth Cleaning includes digital x-rays of every tooth

Just like human dentists, we use a nerve block to help minimize the pain at surgery, but then also minimize the pain after surgery. Each dental procedure that we perform, we want to go ahead and take X-rays. Not every single time do you notice a disease when you just look into a patient’s mouth. A lot of times, the tooth, but yet also the gums, can look perfectly healthy. But as you can see on some of these pictures, we have bone disease happening in some of these teeth, and the roots are not kept in their sockets deep enough and/or strong enough, and they can soon fracture off or cause other diseases like abscesses or anything like that. We use a ultrasonic scaling machine, which actually powers off a lot of the calcification and debris from the tooth.

Cat Dog Teeth Cleaning includes scaling and polishing

This causes a little etching as far as the enamel is concerned on the tooth. But after we’re done cleaning the teeth off, we actually go through with a polish (just like the human dentists use) to smooth off all the surfaces  to make sure the bacteria can’t adhere to the surface of the teeth and continue to produce  bad breath, dental cavities, and other problems that can arise as far as dental disease is concerned. We would like to see your pet once a year to once every other year to maintain proper oral health for your pet. Thank you very much for watching.

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Pet Teeth Cleaning may reduce your pet’s bad breath and may reduce the chances of harmful bacteria in your pet’s mouth causing eventual liver and heart damage.


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