July 27, 2018

Before You Trust Your Pet's Health To A Cut-Rate Vaccination Mill, Please Request A Quote.

Dr James Antonicic Exotic Pets (Bird Vet, Reptile & Snake Vet)

Dr. Antonicic performs veterinary ultrasound and laser therapy. He treats exotics pets (birds, ferrets, rabbits, snakes, hamsters, guinea pigs, & reptiles) .

Dr. Jim Hosek, DVM, Owner of Merrick Animal Hospital

Dr. Hosek, owner of Merrick Animal Hospital, has been called the cat whisperer of Brookfield by the Chicago Tribune. He also perform cruciate repairs (torn ACL in dogs) and Stem Cell Therapy.

708-485-6500 (Vet Brookfield IL, La Grange, Lyons, Riverside)

Merrick Animal Hospital (Brookfield IL, 708-485-6500) offers vet care for dogs, cats, & exotic pets such as hamsters, rabbits, snakes, reptiles and amphibians